Headlamp HL40II

The HL40II led headlamp is rechargeable and is a light weight head mounted LED light 1000 lumens with 8.6 hours battery life designed for trail running, biking, hiking with adjustable spot and flood beam in a aluminum casing. Easy to Use, Lightweight & Comfortable Headlight.

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Ultra bright rechargeable headlamp HL40II 1000 lumens

If you are looking for running, hiking, biking or hunting, this is the perfect headlamp ! The Ferei HL40II is probably the one you are looking for! Because power is a powerful factor for a purchase, the HL40II provide you with 1000 lumens. Wherever you are, whether you are searching for a gear in your campsite or setting up the tent, walking and trying to find your way on a rainy trail or simply running fast during a trail running race, the HL40II headlamp is an absolute necessity and will provide you with all you need (visibility, safety, convenience etc…)

The HL40 headlamp is one of the brightest headlamp viable at the moment on sale. Ultra bright and versatile, it is available in two sorts of beam: Neutral White or Cool White. NW is a natural beam color, closed to the sun light, allows to reveal the ground traps such as roots, holes, etc... CW is brighter, it allows a better perception in foggy conditions. The HL40 headlamp is a powerfull lamp, versatile, it can be used for many outdoor activity, weather your looking for long range beam, or a wide perception closed to you. Easy to Use, Lightweight & Comfortable Headlight. 

This headlamp provides you with a great illumination for most purposes even at its lowest economy setting. With the lens zoomed out to give a broad pool of light illuminates everything in your field of vision so that you even forget you are using a headlamp. If you want to focus on a specific object or you are doing some precision work, the zoom feature would be perfect for your needs. 

A very good led headlamp with great features

8 Selectable brightness levels from 10% to 80% with single side switch for easy operation

4 selectable blinking modes: police blinking, slow blinking, quick blinking, and SOS. 

Disregard weight & Focusing head light.
Back side battery pack can be taken from the band , then use the extension cable EC50 to put the battery box in your bag.
5.5DC plug cable can be connected to other power supply such as BP28 or BP483B6 & BP6836B battery pack for long time runtime.
Rugged aerospace-grade aluminum head, Typed III hardest anodized in black. Toughened ultra clear glass lens for better transmittance.
Using PMMA optical lens for a zoomable beam.
Head part can be zoomed in for a flood beam, or zoom out for a focused beam.
Brightness modes: Min - Med (user-defined) - Max - 4 kinds blinking
Low voltage warning mode

Specifications of the H040II led headlamp

Unique zoom features.

Ultra bright LED: 1 X CREE XM-L2, 8WATT
Beam, 1000 Lumens, beam distance 300 meters
Runtime (indoor static testing at 28°C): 3.0 hours
Med (user-defined): 10%-20%-30%-40%-50%-60%-70%-80%
Waterproof: IPX4
Drop height: 1 Meter
Luminous intensity: 20,000 CD
Battery: 1 X 18650 battery or optional BP28/BP4836B/BP6836B Battery pack
Head Diameter: 30mm
Weight: 140g (without battery)

Our package includes

  • HL40 headlamp
  • 1 x 18650 li-ion battery
  • AC Charger (european plug)
  • Protective and transport cover

Optional items

light diffuser (D01)
Extension wire (EC50)
Compatible replacement battery 18350 (3400mAh)
Optional BP2836B, BP4836B and BP6836B for longest runtime each 8.6 hours, 17.2 hours and 25.8 hours on High. Power pack
(BP28, 4836B, 6836B)

Puissance1000 lumens Cool or neutral white LED version available
Portée: Version NW : 200 meters Version CW: 250 meters
AutonomieFrom 4 hours to 40h (low mode)
Batterie1 x Battery 18650 Li-ion 3400mAh
Poids145g without the battery and less than 100g with the cable EC50 and battery in the backbag. Elastic bungee headband capable of length adjustment, providing best fit and comfort for user.
Mode d'éclairage1 Focusing LED headlamp. Adjustable brightness, 8 Selectable brightness levels from 10% to 80%. Zoomable light for either a spot or flood beam. 4 selectable blinking modes.
Longueur30mm (diam head)

Notice d'emploi Ferei HL40

Notice d'emploi Ferei HL40

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