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Ultra bright headlamp HL51 FEREI Discoverer.

With a twin LED HP35, the total power reaches 2800 lumens. First head provides a wide beam while the second is narrow. They can be used separatley or together. The electric range is 5h at full power, thanks to the 4 li-ion 18650 batteries. It can be used as a headlamp or a bike lamp. Weight 257g (excluding battery).

191,58 €

Ultra bright led headlamp rechargeable HL51 FEREI Discoverer

The HL51 Discoverer led headlamp is an ultra bright led lamp and offerts you exceptional features. Professional level outdoors headlamp with complete waterproof ability at IPX8.

Perfect for several uses, comfortable and super Bright, it will be a good assert for Running, Hiking, Walking, Camping, Fishing, Reading, Biking or just for working at night in the nature.

Capable of diving down to 50 meters.

Designed for water sports, diving, caving, camping, canyoning, mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, trekking, etc.

Cycling and multipurpose outdoors headlamp combined in one.

Aircraft grade hard anodized aluminum is used for light body and batteries casing as our products are designed to last.

Reflector cups are manufactured with aluminum alloy and coated to produce best results in concentrating and reflecting lights for maximum efficiency.

Glass Lens cover are dual sides coated for highest translucency in light.

DURABLE CREE LED are chosen for brightness; work life can reach 100,000+ hours.

Stainless on/off switch for maximum longevity.

Elastic headband its easily adjustable, providing best fit and comfort for user. can be used with construction hardhat or some motorcycle or cycling hamlets.

Smart IC motherboard provides multiple brightness settings and prevents overheat, over discharge or damages caused by polar reversing.

Quick release design for batteries casing makes installing and removing easy. 4 batteries of 18650 rechargeable types will suffice.

180 degrees range for up and down adjustment of lighting direction.

Dual light source allowing both flood light and beam light setting, allowing both close quarters and distance lights whenever needed.

Three lighting modes: flood light only --- spot + flood --- spot only.   Light intensity ranging from 10% to 80% in 8 intervals are adjustable in each of the lighting modes.

Four types of flashing modes: alarming flash, quick flash, slow flash, and SOS.

Battery level indicating at 50% and 20% capacity.


Features and specification of the HL51 Headlight


Max Output: 2800Lumens (Spot+flood) beam

Beam Color: Cool White

Runtime (indoor static testing at 28°C): 7.0 hours

Battery: 4 * 18650 Li-Ion

Drop Height: 1 Meter

Dimension: 35.7mm*49mm*25mm (light body)

Weight: 257.00 g (battery excluded)

Beam Angle: 100 ° and 11°

Waterproof: up to IPX8 (50 meters underwater)


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