Led torch 700

A great range and a great autonomy, for this lamp torch Ferei 700, whose broad head generates a homogeneous beam and of long range. Extremely efficient, it will help you for trekking, camping or outdoor activities with lighting up to 480 lumens. For perfect lighting from near and far.

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This lamp is a must for any outdoor activity. (Trek, Camping, Hiking etc...) Extremely efficient, the Ferei 700 is rechargeable directly on mains, by simple cord connected to the back of the lamp.

Its concentrated beam allows a very long range lighting, up to 500 meters.

The body is made of anodised aluminium, giving it increased impact resistance.

The switch on the body allows easy access to all functions.

It can be positioned upright on a table to provide candle-like lighting. In bivouac, camping or nature outing, it becomes an ideal ally for all types of terrain. In the forest, in the mountains or trekking.

Powered by the latest generation 18650 Lithium-Ion battery, it is also protected against polarity reversal.

Type: 1 LED CREE Q5
Puissance: 120 lumens
Portée: 500 mètres
Autonomie: 8h
Batterie: 2 batteries Li-Ion 18650 : directement rechargeable sans sortir la batterie.
Poids: 500g sans la batterie
Mode d'éclairage: Max, medium, Minimum, stroboscope et avertissement de niveau bas de batterie.
Etanche: 1 mètre

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