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You are a bike club, a running or hiking association, a diving club, a running club, or a triathlon club?
You wish to propose and equip the members of your club?

Contact us: Contact us and benefit from advantageous conditions as well as a product offer dedicated to clubs and associations.

Buying in groups means benefiting from more attractive prices. A selection of lamps and accessories at the best price, including a specific offer for the needs of your club!
The advantage of special rates and a single delivery address at the headquarters of the club or association.
Also benefit from additional discounts for your members for any new purchase with your "club" or "association" status.

Ferei works with sports clubs and associations in France to offer them the best headlamps, diving lights or mountain bikes at attractive prices specially studied. By purchasing your equipment and materials directly from our sales department, your club or association will benefit from exclusive discounts on group purchases. Like many Ferei clubs or raids that are already customers as a club, buy in large quantities for your members and benefit from exceptional "special clubs/associations" discounts of up to 20% off the public price. Ask us for advice and ask us: we will make you the best commercial proposal designed for your needs and your budget.

The power of the group

Use the strength of the number of members or members to get the best rates. It is as a team that a race or competition is won and it is also as a team or by buying together that we save on equipment! 

Contact our sales department directly for more information. Buy your equipment in a group, it's a new way to buy and save.

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