Looking for good headlamps or torches? 

With continuous improvements in both lighting quality and operating comfort, Ferei headlamps make it easier to work hands-free in all environments and are therefore increasingly used by professionals.

Today, in the professional world, the flashlight and the headlamp are no longer accessories but real work tools and that is why Ferei lamps are used wherever it is important to see and be seen.

Being able to work more efficiently by illuminating dark areas, even carrying out night work on certain sites, securing a perimeter or viewing buildings at night while keeping hands free is the primary interest of the headlamp providing lighting that follows the head movements.

Used in many sectors such as building crafts, work at height, industrial or building maintenance, water purification, the energy sector, transport, first aid in the mountains, Ferei LED headlamps and torches have quickly become a matter of course for professionals.

Ferei offers you a range of innovative lamps to accompany you daily in your profession for better visibility and productivity. Good lighting for a better professional result. Discover our headlamps and torches now.

Safety element and working tool Eclairage individuel led rechargeable Ferei

As such, in addition to its primary lighting function, the design of the headlamp or torch must meet the expectations of professional users in terms of performance and durability, present robustness and tightness, ergonomics and ease of handling. The use of a good headlamp or flashlight also helps to ensure the safety of its user by allowing him to signal himself visually.

Batteries depending on your type of professional use

Because alkaline batteries can be purchased anywhere, battery-operated headlamps are more versatile and easier to use. Designed for more regular and/or intensive use of the headlamp, batteries are more economical in the long run. These also have the advantage of enabling the user to avoid the problems of battery purchasing management and are also more environmentally friendly.

Different lighting modes

The luminous power (measured in lumens) and the autonomy of a headlamp are two inseparable parameters (all technologies combined), because an increase in one automatically leads to a decrease in the other. Thus, depending on the type of use (working within reach, seeing far, securing a perimeter etc.....), the user will favour the power of the lighting to the detriment of its duration, or the reverse.

Robustness and comfort of use

In addition to direct lighting performance, a headlamp is also characterised by its robustness and ease of use. In addition to their obvious qualities of resistance to water and dust, the lamps must also be comfortable, easy to handle and have a simple operating mode because a Professional will use it daily for the needs of his activity.
Weight can become a real concern if the lamp has to be worn on the head for long hours, which justifies the existence of remote battery lamps in particular. Ferei has understood this well and has developed headlamp models that are all compatible with the very practical use of external batteries, allowing a total versatility of use according to trades and sectors of activity. These remote batteries not only lighten the weight on the head by reducing fatigue, but they also increase your autonomy, until you can ensure several nights of lighting without recharge.

Police/Security/Intervention Professionals

Our lamps are designed to meet everyone's needs, whether for leisure, sports or professional use. Compact, powerful, rechargeable, they adapt to the requirements of your profession as much as they adapt to those of the sport you practice.

Lampe torche et lampe frontale services de secoursSearch, intervention, rescue, intervention services, our models have functions that can help you in the exercise of your work. In addition to the considerable power, the LEDs bring a comfort of use in any situation: without filament, no risk of rupture in case of prolonged use, shock or fall. Economical, low energy consumption, they allow a prolonged use even in extreme cold conditions in high mountain intervention. Rechargeable, we use li-ion batteries, whose charges and recharges are not conditioned by the initial charge: recharge as many times as you want and whatever the level of charge, there is no risk of overcharge or reduction of the maximum autonomy. They are also easily replaceable at a reasonable cost. Mobile, our lamps can be recharged on mains, on USB plug or on cigarette lighter plug. We have the necessary accessories for this. Some of our models incorporate a steel reinforcement at the head level, F7, P600, 730 : this serrated part is particularly useful for emergency services or intervention to break windows without risk of damaging your lamp.

The power of our led lights at night time

Easy to use, our lights are loved by users

At the lighting level, interesting modes are at your disposal: full power, intermediate, minimum, our lamps also allow you to access warning modes or stroboscope, particularly useful for an intervention or to signal. Finally our lamps fit easily in the middle of your equipment, they are compatible with most cases, accessory holders, belt or vest intervention, whatever the material (leather, cordura, nylon, kydex) and fixing mode (loop, clip, soft, pressure, etc...). 

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