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Used under normal conditions, your lamp will operate for over 50000 hours without problems. LEDs have the advantage over conventional or halogen bulbs of having no filament: no risk of breaking it during a shock, a fall even if the head is hot.

The technology of the Leds has evolved a lot and their life span has increased considerably, you will never have to change it except real accident. We do not propose them in spare parts, it will be necessary to consult us in the event of breakdown or breakage of your led.

When used regularly, the life of our batteries is a minimum of 500 charge cycles.

These batteries of last generation (Samsung or Panasonic for those which equip our rechargeable lamps), have the advantage of not having memory effect, which could exist on the batteries of previous technology (Nimh), to limit their maximum load if the first load was not complete. With Li-Ion technology, you can charge your battery at any time without waiting for a complete discharge: it's the same type of battery as phones and laptops. Moreover, the discharge in case of non-use is very slow. Finally, our batteries are protected against polarity reversal, overcharging and discharging.

As reliable and durable as Li-Ion batteries are, they require simple precautions. They will give you complete satisfaction if, in the event of prolonged non-use, you store your batteries having charged them to the maximum, then discharged slightly by operating your lamp for a few minutes. In addition, if not used for a very long time (more than three months), give your battery a full charge and discharge it again for 10 minutes every 3 months.

The lumen (lm) is a unit of luminous power that indicates how much light useful for lighting is emitted by a bulb or lamp. More scientifically said: "A lumen is the luminous flux captured by a surface of 1 square meter located 1 meter from a light source having a luminous intensity of a candela (= flame of a candle).

Lux is a lighting unit. The amount of light that is present on a square meter, the part of the luminous flux (lumens) that actually corresponds to the surface. 1 lux = 1 lumen/m²

Indeed, our headlamps, torches and mountain bike lamps are very powerful, with a long range and perfectly adapted to outdoor sports (outdoor sports). For example, the range of our VTTBL200 or BL200XQ lamp (1720 lumens) is over 250m.

Our lamps are very powerful, and use Leds of last generation: as for any led, it is never necessary to look directly at the beam, the led, nor to direct them in the eyes of a third person. Adapt your lamp and beam to your environment: you must take care not to disturb other road users in particular, direct and modulate the beam according to the conditions.

This is the temperature measured in kelvin generated by the LED that will change the color of the beam:

- Neutral White (NW) refers to a tint rather yellow, qualified as neutral, rather close to the sunlight, and whose advantage is to reveal better the difficulties of the relief (stones, roots...).

- Cool White (CW) refers to a whiter, brighter colour that flattens the relief a little more but makes it easier to pierce the fog.

No, the battery holders of the rechargeable versions only accept rechargeable Li-Ion batteries in 18650 format.

No, only LR6 (AA) batteries can be used in battery cases.

No, never attempt to charge the batteries directly into the battery case. Doing so may damage the battery holder and void your lamp's warranty. No charger is supplied with the battery version lamps.

Yes, as long as their size corresponds perfectly to the format LR6 (AA). Caution, some rechargeable batteries (AA or LR6 format) sometimes have a slightly larger diameter than conventional AA batteries and end up damaging the battery case. These rechargeable batteries should never be charged directly into the headlamp battery case.

To increase the autonomy of your headlamp, you can modulate the beam power or use the "eco mode" to decrease the light intensity. You can also reprogram this "eco" mode and thus choose the desired intensity.  You can also buy one or more 18650 Li-ion batteries (2600mAh or 3400mAh) or buy an external remote battery (BP2836B, BP4836B or BP6836B) with the EC50 cable in our "Accessories" section.

You may need more autonomy and therefore need a remote battery pack: the charger supplied with your HL08/HL20/HL40/HL50 rechargeable lamp or your bicycle headlight will be used to recharge your external battery. However, if you have a HL08AA/HL20AA/HL40AA battery headlamp, you will need an AC009A charger to recharge your battery.

The Ferei D01 diffuser is an optional element which is fixed on the LED head and which allows our HL08 and HL20 headlamps to have a wider and more diffuse beam. It is sold as "Accessories".

Our lamps are equipped with a low battery warning system: depending on the remaining autonomy, your lamp can emit 2 regular flashes at 1/2 of the end of the battery. These flashes increase in number as you approach the end: when there are 10 of them, it is time to change the battery or recharge it. Some lamp models, especially bicycle lamps, have battery status indicators: a digital computer or a series of 3 red leds indicate the status of your battery. Refer to the operating instructions for each model.

Yes, contact our service department at the following address: You will then be directed to the products compatible with your hardware.

All our lighting products are guaranteed 2 years against any manufacturing defect. Li-Ion batteries and remote battery packs are guaranteed for 6 months under normal conditions of use.

Our parcels are dispatched within 24h/48h after validation of your payment CB (immediate) or reception then cashing of the check (average time of 7 working days), on the products in stock unless otherwise indicated on the product sheet.

FEREI offers you to pay your orders by credit card, Paypal or by check.

    by credit card: the safest and fastest way. FEREI adheres to the 3D Secure program to protect your transaction: you will receive by SMS or voice message a unique code to enter to validate your order. When you switch to the payment site, a small padlock indicates that you are on a secure page. Only Société Générale will know your card numbers. We will never have access to this information.

    Paypal: easy, fast, pay easily your purchase thanks to Paypal without entering your bank details, only with your email address and your password
    Payment by cheque: persons choosing this payment method must send their payment within 15 days to : FEREI France SAS, 36 Place du XV de France, 91460 MARCOUSSIS. The cheque must be made payable to FEREI. Your order will be shipped after receipt and cashing of your check (average time: 7 working days).

We take the utmost care when manufacturing our products: most of the time, a simple verification by means of the following verification process is sufficient to remedy the problem encountered. If your lamp does not work, here are the first 5 points to check:

    Check that the lithium battery is charged and inserted in the correct polarity direction.
    Check that the batteries are also inserted in the correct direction if you have an AA model.
    Check that the cable is properly connected and connected.
    Check that the battery case or rear battery holder is properly closed and screwed in.
    Read your lamp's user manual to understand how it works if you are in doubt about a specific point.

Consult the complete Process for any other verification.

Everything depends on the breakage or malfunction observed: if after having consulted our verification process your lamp still does not work, our after-sales service will inform you about the action to take: know however that the LEDs cannot be replaced, the electronic elements crimped either. But if the damaged part is a replacement part, you can find it in our accessories or with our after-sales service which you can contact: