TESTIMONIALS FROM OUR CLIENTS LIVING ABROAD (Austria, Brazil, Netherlands, the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Germany...)

John, le 25th April 2021 :
« Hi guys, Thanking you so very much the  HL50 II headlight. just arrived and works like a dream! So very happy with your help and also that you shipped it to Australia.  Have a great day and a very Merry Christmas to you all there»

James, le 10th April 2021
« Great, mercy»

Oliver, 9th March 2021 :
« I bought 2 lamps online and the delivery was perfect to me. I live in the Netherlands and it was quick!.»

Harry, le 8th March 2021:
« Everythis is right. Super, this is the lamp I need !»

Olivia, le 7th March 2021 :
« The HL50II is absolutely fabulous! So good! Thanks! You are trustfull »

Peter, le 27th February 2021 :
« Very good brand and super shop! ! »

Vince, le 15th February 2021:
« I have bought the lamp on a Wedsneday and I have received out yesterday in Australia ! SO GUICK»

Anton, le 3rd February 2021:
« The delivery to Brazil is very fast. Exceptional. Great lights ! »

David, le 30th Januray 2021:
« Very professional. Very good quality»

Tania, le 28th January 2021:
« Thank you for the service and the products. I will order again as you are reliable.»

Johny, le 15th January 2021:
« Good products, the quality is very good and the delivery to London is perfect!»

Rob, le 12th January 2021
« You are super stars guys! The lamps are fabulous!»

John, le 11th January 2021:
« Thanks for the good delivery to my country (Canada) Great  ! »

Steven, le 8th January 2021:
« Nothing to say. Good products, good service and reliable service. I used one of your lamps last August in Chamonix and that's why I'm buying some more again at your E Store.»

John, le 3rd January 2021:
«a friend of mine has said to me that your products were very good : no bullshits, they are ! I bought 2 lamps at your Store (HL40II) and they are absolutely amazing ! Pretty quick delivery, thanks !»

Pierre, le 28th December 2020:
« I'm french and live ing London for work. I bought 3 lamps at your store and always satisfied.»

Bridget, le 21st December 2020:
« Reliable service, reliable lights for running. I run twice a week and that's the lamp I need.»

Tiffany, le 13th December 2020:
« Thanks so much for the quick delivery. Just in time ! Reliable service and Ferei's guys are trustfull »

Kevin, le 11th December 2020:
« Good products, good delivery to London, nothing else to say. Very good brand ! »

Mike, le 9th December 2020:
« Just found out your store and I bought a lamp : a brilliant idea! »

Nicole, le December 2020:
« Great lights, good delivery »

Probably the best lights I have ever bought ! The best service too here at www.ferei.fr/gb/
Runner, Germany

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