Bikelamp BL100

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The BL100 features a user adjustable mid-brightness point and digital rear display so you always know how bright you are running, allowing you to trim the brightness to suit the prevailing conditions and remaining battery life. It has a clever LED driver circuit that includes over-voltage, over-current and thermal protection as well as reverse polarity protection- in case you mess up and try to use a battery from a manufacturer that doesn't use the industry standard centre-pin-positive on their battery packs.

 The heart of this incredible light is CREE's XM-L LED, capable of blasting out over 860 Lumens when overdriven. The lamp keeps things on the safe side and run it slightly below the maximum settings to ensure long life and safe running. A computer designed, polished aluminium reflector with Ferei's unique 'eyelid' light guard delivers a wide and deep light beam that illuminates right to the edge of the road for maximum visibility on and off road. There's even a super tough, scratch resistant, Mineral Glass lens protector to help keep you running light and bright.

 With all this brightness you're going to need a solid battery pack and our version of the BL100 includes a Li/Ion rechargeable battery pack. A waterproof rated, injection moulded, all-weather casing protects a pair of high capacity 18650 Li/Ion batteries that will keep your light shining bright for a couple of hours on max power. Ferei have even fitted an over-charge and under-voltage protection circuit to the battery pack to ensure you get the maximum number of recharge cycles out of your battery pack and the longest possible lifespan.


Model: Ferei BL100
LED: 1 x Cree XM-L T6
Output: 860 lumens
Voltage: 7.4v
Runtime: 2.5+ hours on high
Range: 180 meters
Dimensions: 80mm head diameter
Battery: BP4872 lithium-ion battery pack
Weight: 122 grams (excluding accessories)

Package includes

  • Bikelamp BL100
  • 1 battery pack with wire
  • 1 velcro strap mounting tape
  • Rubber handlebars sizing adaptation pad
  • AC Charger

Puissance860 lumens
Portée270 mètres
Autonomie2h30 en mode max
Batterie1 pack de batteries batterie Li-Ion 18650 rechargeable (2x18650) tension : 7.2V
Mode d'éclairageMax, Médium programmable, et différents mode de clignotements et alerte de basse de tension

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