AC charger AC009A

This charger is compatible with the new HL08, HL20, HL40 headlamps (red headband). This 220 V mains charger can also recharge the BP2836B, BP4836B and BP6836B remote battery packs.

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This mains charger (220V) is compatible with the Ferei HL08, HL20, HL40 (black and red headband) and remote battery packs BP2836B, BP4836B and BP6836B. It will allow you to easily recharge your headlamps and your remote packs.

NB: this mains charger is automatically supplied with the HL08, HL20, HL40, HL50, HL50Q lithium version headlamps but not with our AALR6 models (batteries). If you purchase an AA headlamp and a remote battery pack (lithium), you will need to purchase one (under accessories) to recharge your BP2836B/4836B or 6836B remote battery if you have a LR6 (AA) HL08AA/HL20AA/HL40AA battery headlamp version.

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