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Battery AA box 10 units

AA (LR6) NX high performance batteries. Professional quality, they adapt perfectly to the requirements of our battery-operated led headlamps but also of all your other devices. Delivered in blister of 4 units. Ideal for all energy-intensive appliances.

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Professional AA Batteries : Description

The high-performance LR6 NX batteries are ideal for our AA (LR6) battery-powered headlamp models. Professional quality, high performance professional NX batteries are known for their quality. Economical to use, professional batteries have a better lifespan and allow a better autonomy in terms of use to all your electronic and electrical devices. They will be the ideal ally for your FEREI HL08AA, HL20AA or HL40AA headlamp.

Delivered in blister of 4 batteries.

These professionally acclaimed NX alkaline batteries are ideal for energy-intensive, heavy-duty devices and you can use them in all your other electronic equipment as well.

TypePile LR06 AA
PuissanceTension 1,5 V 3,4 mAh
Portéeplusieurs heures d'autonomie
AutonomieTechnologie alcaline professionnelle
Longueur50mm X 14,5mm

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