Diffuser for HL08/HL20

Placed on the head of your headlamp, the light diffuser allows you to switch from a concentrated beam lighting mode to a more diffuse lighting mode. It is compatible with our HL08II, HL20II, and HL40II headlamps. Attached to the lamp, it clips easily and simply folds down onto the led. Ideal for orienteering races and raids.

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Diffuser for Ferei headlamps

Why using a diffuser?

This diffuser can be fixed and removed very easily on your Ferei HL08II, HL20II and HL40II headlamps and will allow you to switch from a precise classical beam mode to a larger flood type beam. It avoids having a too bright light. If you need to read a map or look in your backbag, this diffuser is very useful.

Useful accessory

Essential accessory for orienteering races. Once fixed, it makes it possible to read a card and it is always possible to remove it and to fold it down without having to remove it from the lamp. Ideal for orienteering races but also nature raids in order to diffuse a maximum of light in flood...

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