Diffuser for HL50

This diffuser allows your lamp to make the beam wider. It can easily be removed with a simple finger gesture. Differents colors for different effects.

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13,90 €tax incl.

Ferei filters for headlamp:
Especially suited for Ferei HL50
Easy to attach, easy to remove.
Fix the filter with Ferei silicon rubber case on the head of HL50, the headlamps will produce a colored beam light.

  • White filter will produce wider beam.
  • Yellow filter produce a warm beam, which has a better penetration in foggy weather.
  • Green light additionally helps people with enhanced visual acuity as our eyes are more receptive to green light.
  • Red light is commonly used to help to preserve night vision and also reduces the probability of alerting game animals, which generally do not pick up red light as well.

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