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We are very pleased to introduce here our wide range of led lamps for your favourite outdoor activities. Whatever your practice level is, whatever your sport is, running, jogging or the hardest trails accross the world, if you are a bicyclist, mountain biker, beginner or contestant, occasionnal or professional diver, or fond of hiking, our models can meet your needs. We have the lamp you want!

  • Le cable Ferei EC50 permet de rallonger la distance entre votre lampe frontale et sa batterie, pour une installation plus aisée. Il est compatible avec les lampes frontales FEREI HL08/HL20/HL40/HL50. Elle permet également l'utilisation d'une batterie déportée BP4872B, BP6872B, BP2836B, BP4836B, et BP6836B. Le cable Ferei EC50 permet de...

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  • HL40II is as powerful as the HL20, with an additionnal possibility to easily choose between a focused beam to a wide one with a single hand movement. Perfect for night trail and ultra trail, orienteering course. Works with 1 x 3400mAh battery HL40II is as powerful as the HL20,...

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  • 18650 rechargeable and protected Li-Ion battery 2600mAh. Weight: 45g 18650 rechargeable and protected...

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  • HL20II is one of the strongest, lightest and most powerfull headlamp: with a 1000 lumens beam and only 154g, it is the reference for the night trail and ultra night trail. It will fit anyone requirements, looking for a perfect beam, light weight and easy to use lamp: control your HL20II with a single side button that allows you to turn on/off and easily... HL20II is one of the strongest,...

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  • HL50II is the most powerfull headlamp of the HL serie. With 2 led generating a twin beam reaching 2200 lumens, the range is more than 250 meters. The weight is less than 287g including batteries and 122g if you use the EC50 wire option. Works with 2 rechargeable batteries Lithium-Ion (3400mAh). HL50II is the most powerfull headlamp...

    169,90 €
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  • Lithium battery power pack, used for Headlamp HL08, HL20, HL40, HL50 Lithium battery power pack, used for...

    39,90 €
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  • This diffuser allows your lamp to go from a focus beam to a wider one. Can be easily removed with a single gesture. This diffuser allows your lamp to go...

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  • With a 1000 lumens beam, HL20IIAA is one of the most powerfull headlamp and one of the lightest. Simple, efficient, easy to use and waterproof, you only need a few pression on the side single button to turn on and off the lam and to access to several lightning mode. Works with 3 AA batteries placed in the removable battery holder that you can place in... With a 1000 lumens beam, HL20IIAA is...

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  • As powerfull as a HL20, HL40 headlamp adds a remarkable zoom head that allow you to change from a wide beam to a focus beam with a single hand movement. Perfect for night trail and ultra trail, orienteering course. Works with 3x AA batteries As powerfull as a HL20, HL40 headlamp...

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  • Powerfull and resistant, the HL08II is a rechargeable headlamp very efficient thanks to the 600 lumens of his CREE led. Highest quality of lightning, long range, here is the ideal partner of your trails or night jogging, walks and hikes. The battery holder at the back is removable, to lighten the weight on your head. Many lightning modes are available.... Powerfull and resistant, the HL08II...

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